Do you still use myspace?

QUESTION 4 my peeps: Do you still use myspace? If yes, why? if no, why not? Please respond at least w/a yes or no. THANKS! Was posted to these 17 Services at the same time via Ping.fm : That is the question I asked all of my friends and followers from...(read more)



Robin’s Art will be in a Gallery

My Wife Robin will have two pieces showing at the art gallery: Upstairs at the Market , 1057 South San Pedro Street Los Angeles, CA 90015 ( see map ) on: Friday, July 3 rd @ 7pm. This is a group show where she will be showing work for the 1 st time with...(read more)



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xPollinate did not do so well

In my last post I found that the URL used as my blogs permalink was posted without the hostname (http://ping.fm/8qdTQ). Hmmm Well, I never base things on a single attempt, so here goes my send try....

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Trying out WLW + xPollinate

Its funny how an Idea I roughly duct taped together about a year ago is now done much better by someone else.

Here is my first post to my blog via Windows Live Writer (WLW) and Cross Posted to Ping.fm via ...

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blogged: /blogs/robbie/archive/2009/06/09/trying-out-wlw-xpollinate.aspx - Trying out WLW + xPollinate


http://ping.fm/p/AXmCe - Egg decorating time
http://ping.fm/p/YETb7 - From my brother's backward in Chino


http://ping.fm/p/zxZUZ - Robin in the ballroom


some people should give up driving: http://ping.fm/Fv5dU driver involved in 3 wrecks within an hour
http://ping.fm/p/5Q1mB - Boston Market w/thing one and thing two.